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With highly competitive prices for hundreds of products and solutions, Treitel Water Online shop meets the varied water treatment needs of Israeli municipalities, institutions, and a wide range of industries including agriculture and medical.

Products from leading global water treatment brands, presented with detailed specifications and photos, ae in-stock and ready to ship at the click of a button. Customers with a business account with Treitel can select from a variety of  purchase plans to meet their needs and budget.

Swift and reliable delivery is ensured for each client regardless of where they are located in Israel.

Our product umbrella includes:

RO membranes, softening and mixed-bed resins, activated carbons, dosing pumps, ph / orp / cl2 / conductivity controllers, test kits, antiscalants butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves, steam valves and more.

Standard RO systems, UV systems, softeners, carbon
filters and sand filters up – to 10 m3/h

For product inquiries, simply contact us at and +972-3-6338282