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We recognize that in order to provide our customers with superior water treatment solutions, we must first begin with access to superior manufacturers all across the world. To that end, we have partnered with a wide range of A-rated international water treatment companies and equipment suppliers – partnerships that have lasted decades as a result of our strong, mutual commitment to provide our end-customers the very best.

Our criteria for companies we represent include rigorous industry certifications, cutting-edge products powered by high level technology, professional service, and a solid reputation. We’re their representative in Israel, combining their core products with our own engineering, innovation, and customer support capabilities. Their product lines are the main components in our plants, systems, and services.

Several of the companies we represent include

An independent business division of DuPont – an American raw materials corporation. Founded 70 years ago, DuPont Water Solution produces and globally markets domestic and industrial water treatment, separation, and purification technologies for a wide variety of industries. We have represented DuPont Water Solutions in Israel for over 55 years.

During 1965-2009, Treitel represented Rohm and Haas in Israel, the world's leading manufacturer of Ion Exchange Resins at the time.
Following the acquisition of Rohm and Haas by Dow Chemical in 2009, Treitel was appointed as the Dow representative in Israel for its Ion Exchange Resin business.
With the completion of the merger and separation processes between Dow and DuPont in 2019, Treitel was appointed as the DuPont distributor in Israel for its complete Water Solutions portfolio – Resins and Membranes.

ProMinent is a world-leading manufacturer of dosing pumps, analytical measurement, and disinfection systems. Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, ProMinent has been represented in Israel by Treitel Chemical Engineering for over 40 years.

A leader in the development and production of industrial valves and control systems for a wide variety of industries. Founded in 1964, GEMU is an international company headquartered in Germany. We have represented GEMU in Israel for more than 30 years.

Chemviron coordinates the European operations of the American coal corporation Carbon Calgon – a global manufacturer, supplier, and developer of granular and powdered activated carbon. More than 100 types of Chemviron activated carbons are used for the treatment of drinking, municipal, and industrial water. Chemviron is known to solve the most difficult purification challenges thanks to its industry-leading, advanced R&D units.

Active for over 120 years, Lovibond is one of the oldest companies in the world in the field of water analysis. It specializes in simple and reliable water analysis solutions for use in the following use cases: drinking water, swimming pools, wastewater, cooling systems and steam boilers. Lovibond is reputed for its excellence customer service in each country it operates.