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Our story – and why it matters

Treitel Ltd. was established over five decades ago by the late Paul Treitel (1930-2003) as part of his vision to nurture innovation in water treatment systems. Within a year, the Company achieved exclusive partnerships with global companies, becoming their sole representative in the young State of Israel.

Water is a precious commodity in Israel. With a long list of targeted products and services, a relentless drive to enhance existing water treatment systems, and a desire to empower local infrastructure facilities, municipalities, laboratories, and industries with the right technologies, Treitel’s rich history is an important part of Israel’s successful collective history of water management.

As decades moved forward into the 21st century, Treitel’s history has evolved to focus on environmental impact and digitization. Today, these two areas are deeply ingrained the Company culture and systems. In all areas of activity, Treitel strives for minimum environmental footprint and maximum digital efficiency.

A family firm that values long-term relationships, Treitel combines agile innovation, sound engineering, and proactive customer support to continue to build and deepen its network of over 1,000 client companies.

The Company has grown to have 70 employees in three plants across Israel, and is still growing. Current headquarter offices are in Petach Tikva.

When you partner with Treitel, you can expect:

Meticulous process design and complete execution of potable and industrial water treatment projects and systems.

Extensive and detailed service for water treatment systems

Supply of the
most cutting-
edge materials
and equipment components.

Development of advanced solutions for water and wastewater.

Our innovations speak for themselves

At Treitel, innovation has become a tradition. Our TRITEIA Accurate Dissolving Systems is a game-changing product for accurately dissolving solid chemicals into precise solutions at the point of use, designed mainly for agricultural, drinking water, water reservoirs, and industrial use, among other applications.

Since its inception, we have incrementally innovated on TRITEIA’s stechnical, design and functionality features to meet our customers’ evolving needs. We improved it to ensure

minimal environment footprint. We digitized its functions and features for better tracking and follow-up. We now export TRITEIA overseas and we’re proud to have expanded our international clientele. In Israel, today there are over 500 TRITEIA systems installed.

Through our TREION – Treitel Deionized Water Columns Service, we supply portable column tanks that contain regenerated and ready-for-use mixed-bed ion exchange resins in order to produce small volumes of high-purity water from tap water. We’ve made significant enhancements since the initial launch, making TREION the product of choice for many applications.

For example, we developed the next generation corrosion-free TREION column tanks that offer 60% higher capacity than standard TREION, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to Reserve Osmosis (RO) systems under 500 L/H. The new TREION tanks act as emergency back-up to existing critical water treatment systems. In addition, the mobile stacks of new Magnum columns are designed for short-term large-volume production of DI / soft water. Today, TREION meets the needs of over 1,000 customers with over 8,400 installations across Israel.

Our history is rich with milestones and innovations. Under our founder Paul Treitel’s guidance, we designed the world’s first facility for boron removal. Later, we introduced to the market the first selective boron removal technology for potable water plants.

We created the first AMBERPACK ion exchange plant in Israel. It was also one of the first worldwide. We planned and executed the largest Ion Exchange water demineralization plant in Israel. In keeping up with the digital era, we launched the Treitel Water Online shop.

Since Day 1, in every product we’ve developed, in every innovation we’ve launched, we strived to make water – and the world – better than we found it.

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